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Terrace Abode


 Small roof Garden mainly for apartments with no green spaces


In the era of concrete jungles and high rises it was more than necessary for people to have a green abode for themselves to escape from their concrete prisons. The client specifically wanted a private green roof space so their 3 year old could play without limiting himself to confines of the house, for their puppy to not need to go down 15 stories down to have a brief encounter with nature and for their elder parents to take a small walk without need to go down.

The east corner of the graden contains a small kitchen garden which connects directly the storage and kitchen area in the back. It also works as a slow transition from dingy kitchen corridor  to main open living space of the terrace. The ledge on the top consists of an AC drain which inturn waters the plants below. This corner is multifunctional and helps support the kitchen, while the kitchen waste sometimes converts into manure for plantation around.

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In its standard configuration, the main living space is perfectly accommodating for a pair lounging at the terrace.  The exposed grave stamp pattern and the buddha sculpture roots the home firmly in its zen garden sort of spatiality while new wood flooring brings a modern sophistication.

The lounge space is covered with pergola with polycarbonate sheet and wooden rafters for supporting lights and mini fan. The corner most area is designed to house a fireplace for delhi winters and makes a cozy work space depending on the requirement of client. Both main bedrooms open into the lounge area acting as an extension of their home. 


The dual spatiality of the terrace also helps the client host informal gatherings with decking working as catering, discussing and drinking areas where as the rest of the green is ancillary in nature working as an open corridor for other group congregatory activities.

The pergola is strong enough to house a swing in the terrace while the polycarbonate sheet shelters the space in filtering strong sun and from bird droppings. The artificial turf adds to the ambience while being easy to maintain and clean. 

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