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Learning Ecosystem

Honorable mention in UNSCHOOL design competition by SWITCH  | Kartik Nakkana, Amar Agarwal

An Ecosystem is a community of living organisms in conjunction with non-living components of their environment, interacting as a SYSTEM. The approach of designing a new school leads us to reimagination of school as an open environment, an ECOSYSTEM where the primary goal of learning is achieved via interaction with the built environment and pupils themselves.

Learning is spontaneous but Modernization puts limits to that thinking both socially and spatially. Hence the approach to solving this was to achieve a space which shouldn’t be static in order to have the possibility of change in shape and dimension with passage of time.

The traditional classrooms are fused into merging-built landscape with learning spaces left open to choice of the pupil itself. Functions are organized as per flexibility, natural affinity and quality of space allowing new opportunities to emerge from meeting of two programs.


The undulating topography of the built mass has been designed in such a way to achieve most public to more intimate private learning spaces for SUMMER conditions, where the HIGHS act as more introverted individualistic spaces while still having the whole view of the site landscape. LOWS act as more collective learning amphitheaters allowing more interactive approach.  


The south orientation of the openings of learning spaces allow unfavorable WINTER conditions to take the learning indoors, while still keeping a visual connection to the exterior. All the transition spaces are taken underground to achieve maximum thermal comfort in winter conditions allowing one to have seamless navigation through the site.

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