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Sri Ganesh temple | Kaushambi 

Proposal for a Brick shrine | Kartik Nakkana


Situated in suburban East Delhi, Sri Ganesh temple was proposed as a refurbishment project of an old temple inside the central park of Kaushambi. It grew from being a RCC construction with no ventillation and space to being a smaller open brick monolithic built allowing more space for the visitors. In the Sub-urban context of East Delhi, the main concern was to provide a space which would marry the socio-cultural expectations of a temple with the economic framework and dynamics of and around the site. The idea led to employing a frugal approach forgoing any form of ornamentation and extravagance while still keeping ideas of typical temple shikhara and sanctum intact.

 The temple being situated at the corner of the central park becomes like a vantage point for the whole park while acting as a magnet for activity allowing eyes on the street at all possible times. The jaali walls allows more gatherings around the temple helping to peak inside during larger celebrations and pradakshanas

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