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Prayogshala is a collaborative of beautiful, brilliant, enthusiastic, humble, legendary, once-in-a-generation, quirky, and young architects.

Prayogshala is a group of eight artists, designers and historians from diverse geographies - but similar ideologies, post-graduated together from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. 

We aim to address spatial issues and possibly provide solutions within our capacities. Thereby providing a platform for the marginalised communities, ecologies and geographies to make their voices heard.

As the name suggests, we are invested in rethinking and experimenting through practice enhancing social infrastructure, interdisciplinary research, pedagogy invested in inclusive dialogue and workshops allowing the curiosity thrive in our journey. We believe in making knowledge accessible to everyone via mutual engagement. 

We dream together for a better world and Prayogshala is our humble and minute attempt towards it.


Our Clients

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